Do you want to enjoy the cinema experience without having to leave the house? Bright AV can bring cinema to you – minus the popcorn!  

Maybe you would just like a surround sound system to enhance the audio with your existing TV.
We can provide active or passive sound bars, surround speakers, sub-woofers, AV receivers and much more, from renowned brands, installed to transform your home.

We can work with you to create a dedicated media room or to design a dual-purpose room.  In a dedicated home theatre, a fixed screen is generally used.  In a dual-purpose room, you may want the screen and projector to be out of sight at certain times, so we use in-ceiling recessed screens and in-ceiling projector mounts.  We can provide a range of suitable speakers depending on your preference, from “invisible” in-wall or in-ceiling to powerful feature floor standing speakers.  A handheld Elan remote can control the entire system so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 

To enhance the cinema experience in your media room you may also consider incorporating the lighting and blinds control into the Elan system; this would allow you to switch on the AV system, dim the lights and close blinds all from a single device – now that’s a real cinema experience!

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