There is nothing quite like kicking back after a long week and playing your favourite music around the house. Or you may be in a busy household with conflicting musical tastes and want to enjoy your music in your own room while the kids listen to whatever the latest trend is in another part of the house. We can make this happen with just one audio system.

Multi-room Audio Features

Bright AV can install discrete in-ceiling speakers in multiple rooms. You can integrate your iTunes or Spotify account, listen to radio channels from around the world, and the best part is that you can listen to one artist in the kitchen and another in the drawing-room, or listen to the same playlist all over your home. And it’s all controlled from one panel.

Our Elan touchscreens can be installed either in the wall or on a dedicated dock.  You may also use the Elan app on your smartphone or tablet to relax and enjoy some downtime wherever is most convenient for you.

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