The best way to get the most out of the individual automated systems in your home and to create a truly unique automation experience is to install a smart home solution. This will involve integrating all those systems.  You will enjoy a uniform touch-screen interface, whether you choose to use a handheld device remotely such as a tablet or smart phone, or a dedicated Elan controller in your home. Your Elan system will be programmed specifically to your requirements and is fully scalable from a single room to whole house control.

ELAN Entertainment unites your devices behind a single hub and a single app giving you the ability to control everything, all from one very convenient place. This gives you the freedom to control all of your favourite home brands. They can communicate with each other for a wholly integrated and automated home.

Personalized to fit your lifestyle, ELAN solutions range from simple media room control to whole-home entertainment and automation, even remote monitoring of vacation homes. And with its uniform look and feel, no matter which ELAN interface you touch, it will always feel like home.

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